Department Honors

Department Honors

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The School of Social Work offers an honors option to independently and intensively research a specialized area of interest in social work. This option is available to students exhibiting superior academic capability and discipline. Through this process, students are challenged by a faculty mentor to develop advanced research and writing skills. With guidance from the student's honors thesis advisor, the student engages in research that culminates in the production of an honors thesis research paper, poster, and presentation. Students who complete the program earn special recognition upon graduation and in their university record. The honors thesis is designed to support student development of the skills, knowledge, and self-confidence needed to prosper in graduate school. For additional information regarding eligibility please contact Dr. Laura Brierton Granruth, Stayer Room 311, 871-5956.

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Honors Policies and Guidelines for Department Honors


Congratulations to this year's (2020) undergraduate honors student who successfully defended Her thesis!


Reducing Chronic Absenteeism: A Content Analysis of Truancy

Honors Thesis Chair: Dr. Laura Brierton-Granruth

Honors Thesis Committee: Dr. Jennifer Frank, Dr. Ann Gantt, Tatiana Pashkova-Blakenhol




katelynRefugees Perceptions on the Strengths and Challenges of the Initial Ninety-Day Resettlement Process

Honors Thesis Chair: Dr. Karen Rice

Honors Thesis Committee Members: Dr. Heather Girvin & Dr. Wanja Ogongi

Dana Kruse

danaStudy of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Future Service Providers Regarding Intimate Partner Violence Among Lesbian Individuals

Honors Thesis Chair: Dr. Karen Rice

Honors Thesis Committee Members: Dr. Heather Girvin & Dr. Laura Granruth

Katlyn Lantz


 In Prison and In Need: Does the Availability of Mental Health Services in Prison Affect State Recidivism Rates?

Honors Thesis Chair: Dr. Laura Granruth

Honors Thesis Committee Members: Dr. Alex Redcay & Dr. Mary Glazier (Sociology/Anthropology)