Doctor of Social Work

Leadership and Education

The School of Social Work admits a cohort of 8 students each fall to our DSW program.  We have one opening for our Fall 2020 cohort. We are accepting applications through midnight, June 30, 2020.

Please know that when the Fall 2020 cohort is full, we will offer admission to our Fall 2021 cohort.  If an opening occurs in the Fall 2020 cohort, we will extend an offer of admission to the earlier cohort in the order that the applicant has accepted our offer to Fall 2021 cohort.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our program.

The Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program prepares academicians who are able to lead, and leaders who are able to teach. Pursue your passion for social justice through enhanced leadership, and the transformative opportunity to explore and develop yourself as a scholar and practitioner.

Kutztown University and Millersville University are pleased to partner to offer our new DSW program focused on preparing leaders and educators for career advancement in agencies, government, and higher education. Social Work practitioners with an MSW will be prepared to take on the challenges the industry will face in practice and in preparing future experts in the field.

With coursework completed primarily online, with a weekend residency face-to-face learning component once a semester, the DSW program is designed with the working professional in mind. Whether you live in south-central or southeastern Pennsylvania or anywhere beyond, learn with the best in your profession and prepare to continue to make a difference.

Educating both bachelor and master’s degree recipients, with expert faculty who bring global research and expertise to the classroom, the joint Kutztown University-Millersville University DSW program is the best choice to advance your social work career.


The Kutztown University-Millersville University (KU-MU) collaborative Doctor of Social Work program, with a focus on Leadership and Education, prepares graduates for innovation and leadership in social work theory, practice, and education.


The Doctor of Social Work comprises an outcome-based curriculum. The curriculum, including coursework, praxis, and residencies, is continuously evaluated based upon the student's ability to demonstrate a series of competencies. These competencies are operationalized via specific practice behaviors and are evaluated using multiple measures.

The program will have rolling acceptance of applications. For each fall’s cohort, full consideration will be made for those applications received by March 1.

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For specific program information, contact Program Coordinator: Dr. Karen Rice

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