Social Justice Minor


The Social Justice Minor is designed to provide non-social work majors the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding about social justice within a person-in-environment context.

Undergraduates who complete a Social Justice Minor can apply approved coursework to a Master of Social Work degree at Millersville University, subject to admission guidelines, reducing the number of credits needed to earn the MSW degree.

Social justice is the core for all social work practice. The primary goals for the minor in Social Justice are to enhance sensitivity to vulnerable and at-risk populations, provide opportunity for critical review of social policies and the allocation of societal resources, and stimulate interest in advocacy and planned social change. This minor is intended to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate from a social, economic and environmental justice framework.

After completion of the Social Justice Minor requirements, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and apply core ethical values and principles utilized when advocating for social justice and human rights.
  2. Understand how individuals, institutions and society perpetuate social, economic and environmental injustice and learn how to respond to promote positive social change.
  3. Identify ways to advocate to promote positive social change.

Required Courses

  • SOWK 102: 3 s.h. Modern Social Welfare Dilemmas (G3)
  • SOWK 201: 3 s.h. Social Welfare Policy and Economics
  • SOWK 303: 3 s.h. Social Welfare and the Law
  • SOWK 323: 3 s.h. Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
  • SOWK 350: 3 s.h. Encounters in Human Diversity (D,P)

Students will select one from the following list of social work electives:

  • SOWK 304: 3 s.h. Social Work, Corrections and Alternative Treatment Approaches (G3)
  • SOWK 305: 3 s.h. Social Work and Child Welfare
  • SOWK 306: 3 s.h. Social Work and Aging
  • SOWK 307: 3 s.h. Social Work and Healthcare
  • SOWK 308: 3 s.h. Social Work and Alcoholism
  • SOWK 309: 3 s.h. Social Work and Mental Health
  • SOWK 312: 3 s.h. Social Work and Women; Strengths, Needs and Opportunities (W, G3)
  • SOWK 313: 3 s.h. Family Violence (P)
  • SOWK 314: 3 s.h. Global Well-Being (D,P)
  • SOWK 315: 3 s.h. Grief and Bereavement in a Diverse World (D)
  • SOWK 316: 3 s.h. Mediation (G3)
  • SOWK 475: 3 s.h. Special Topics in Social Work    

For more information or to declare a social justice minor, contact:

Dr. Karen Rice, Chair 

Dr. Kat Walsh, BASW Coordinator