Home and School Visitor (HSV) Certification

The Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Home and School Visitor (HSV)


In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Home and School Visitor (HSV) is recognized and required by school districts. The School of Social Work at Millersville University is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to offer the Post Baccalaureate Home School Visitor (HSV) Certification. The Post Baccalaureate certification is designed to provide students with the required knowledge and skills to work collaboratively with interdisciplinary client systems to meet the needs of K12 students to foster academic success.

Upon completion of the required coursework, the Certification Office at Millersville University will assist eligible candidates with the Pennsylvania certification process and provide recommendations for Post Baccalaureate Home and School Visitor (HSV) certification. See Certification Office page for more details. 

Required Coursework 

Completion of the courses (24 credits) listed below along with field placement in a school setting is necessary for a certification in Home and School Visitor certification.

  • SOWK 606: School Social Work (3)
  • SOWK 611 Children and Youth at Risk (3)
  • SOWK 630: Advanced Field Practicum I (3)*
  • SOWK 631: Advanced Field Practicum II (3)*
  • EDLD 620: School Law, Public Policy and Principal (3)
  • SPED 580: Diagnostic and Assessment Strategies for Students with Disabilities (3)
  • SPED 600 Orientation to Special Education (3)
  • Any one of the following: 
    • EDUC 561: Second Language Acquisition: Theory, Programs and Assessment (3)
    • EDUC 564: Assessment, Policies & Practices in Teaching English Language Learners (3)

 * Field practicum experiences in a school setting may meet field placement requirements for the Post Baccalaureate Home and School Visitor (HSV) certificate.

See the Graduate Catalog for course descriptions.

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 Contact: Dr. Leonora Foels at leonora.foels@millersville.edu for more information.