Course Schedule and Degree Information

Degree Requirements

DSW degree requirements include a 48 credit curriculum with two praxis experiences and an independent dissertation within seven years of enrollment.


The Millersville University DSW program is offered in the following program sequence.

  Fall Spring Summer
Year I

700 Social Work Leadership I

710 Research Methodology

704 Social Work Teach-Scholar I

715 Multivariate Analysis

730 Qualitative Analysis

725 Intervention Research

Year II

701 Social Work Leadership II

705 Social Work Teacher-Scholar I

774 Comprehensive Seminar

720 Leadership Teaching Praxis I

721 Leadership Teaching Praxis II

775 Dissertation Seminar

Year III

776 Dissertation I

Graduate Elective

777 Dissertation II

Graduate Elective



  • Part-time, eight session program - two courses per session for fall, spring, and summer terms
  • Cohort model
  • Online instruction and coursework
  • Face-to-face learning component (one weekend) per session, located at Millersville University


DSW courses include four theory-based courses in Leadership, Education, and Teaching; four research courses; two semesters of Leadership and/or Teaching Praxis; a comprehensive seminar and a dissertation seminar. Each course is specifically developed to provide student learning experiences that allow graduates to demonstrate mastery of the program's learning outcomes.