Dr. Bertha Saldana De Jesus

Assistant Professor and DSW Program Coordinator

Dr. Bertha Saldana De Jesus

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Office: Stayer 318
Phone: 871-7350

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T: 3:00-5:00pm Virtual
W: 4:00-5:00pm Virtual
R: 3:00-5:00pm Virtual
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Dr. Saldana De Jesus holds a BA in Social Work from Shippensburg University and an MSW from Widener University in Pennsylvania. She furthered her education by earning a DSW from Kutztown/Millersville University joint program. The focus of her dissertation related to Field Instructors’ training received to prepare social work students in the field. She has experience in Child Welfare, Behavioral Health, and Hospice.  Her teaching focuses on Micro, Mezzo, and Macro levels of practice and Field Education. She has co-chaired and has been a committee member of the dissertation.  She currently mentors and consults with Faculty, Social Work practitioners, and students abroad, providing seminars, workshops, and training related to self-care, field, and engagement.  Dr. Saldana DeJesus was part of the planning committee for the First International Social Work Education and Practice conference in Nairobi, Kenya, which created a relationship between MU and two universities in Kenya. She is the director of the DSW program at Millersville University. Her research interests are Field, Child Welfare, Mentoring, African American/Latino issues, International Social Work, and Scholarship in Teaching.


Saldana De Jesus, B, Isom, S. A.; Hunter, C. (2022) Training field instructor: Beyond the stated needs. Field Educator. Vol. 12 Issue 1, p1-25. 25p

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 Invited Events: Webinars | Workshops | Training Presentations

Invited: Saldana, De Jesus, B. (August 2022). Family Engagement Kenya Rising (Online) [International]

Invited Saldana (July 2022) Self-Care. Kenya Rising (Online) (International)

Invited: Saldana De Jesus, B. & Ogongi, W., (November 2020) Ethics for Educators. Professional Development Forum. Association of Social Work Educators in Kenya.  (International)

Invited: Saldana De Jesus, B. & Alejandre, Adriana (June 2020) Conversaciones Autentica:  Wellness and Mental Health in the Latinx Community. Latino Empowerment Project. (Local) 

Invited:  Empowerment Girls Program Presentation Hand Middle School April 9, 2019 (Local)

Invited: Saldana De Jesus, B., & Hinton-Polite, K., (November 2018). Cultural Humility. A training presentation at SunPoint Wellness, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. (Local)

Brierton-Granruth, L. & Saldana DeJesus, B. (March 2017). Conducting an Agency Ethics Audit. A training presentation at 2017 PCCYFS Annual Spring Conference: Be the Spark! Light the way.  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  (Local)