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Rasheed Osman

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Rashin Osman (Rasheed) graduated with a BA in Social Work in 2021 and enrolled in Master of Social Work (MSW) and Master of Science in Emergency Management (MSEM) - A dual degree program at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. His area of interest is researching best practices to support people with disabilities. Driven by the passion for helping people with disabilities and their families, Rasheed has completed internships with the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP), Bell socialization services, and the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP). He is also An ODP certified Support Broker. In addition, he worked as an educational support coach for the Integrated Studies at Millersville University. Rasheed secured a student employee and a Graduate Assistant position within the School of Social Work after completing his BASW undergraduate internship with the Learning Institute - Center for Advancing Justice and Human Rights, leading the Ubuntu Leaders Fellows Program and Documentary and Dialogue Series. Rasheed aspires to become a Licensed Social Worker with an emergency management background and obtain his clinical license. He believes that his social work and emergency management competency would benefit both professions in building a resilient community by advocating for vulnerable groups and supporting survivors' and first responders' mental health needs. Behind the scenes, he enjoys fishing and spending time with family and friends.