General Policies & Procedures

We strive to provide a welcome and open environment for all of our guests. In addition, our thoughtful and timely communication of the expectations when hosting your event on our campus will work to meet that balance between business and entertainment. The following general policies and event statements are in place to better serve the community as a whole. 

"Sponsor" refers to the organization entering into a contract with the University to rent facilities for their event, camp, or conference.  


All campus facilities are accessible. The Office of Conference Services will work with the Sponsor event coordinators for specific needs and requirements any guests may have. 

Millersville University is committed to equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination for all. In keeping with this commitment, and in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) the University will make every effort to provide equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination for all members of the University community and visitors to the University, regardless of any disability an individual may have. For more information, please visit


Except for trained service animals, no animals are permitted at any indoor or outdoor University facilities. 


In addition to other termination or cancellation rights set forth in the contract, the University reserves right to cancel all arrangements if required payments, insurance certifications, and/or background checks for the safety of participants are not received in accordance with the agreement or if the Sponsor does not perform its obligations to the satisfaction of the University.

University events take priority over facility use by external groups. Relocation or rescheduling may be required if a University event is said to take priority over external usage. 

During the pandemic, the University and the Sponsor agree to follow any or all necessary public health and safety guidelines or recommendations described by federal, state, and local authorities. COVID-19 related cancellation clauses will be supplied in the contract.   


All guests agree that no activity shall be conducted on University premises in violation of any applicable law or in violation of any University regulation, policy or reasonable direction that may be issued from time to time by University administration. 

The campus is open year-round to students, faculty and staff. Common areas are shared areas between the campus community and the event. All guests shall comply with reasonable directives given by the University administration including but not limited to restrooms, entrances, lobbies, exits and other areas of the building(s) where the intersection of activities may converge.

While guests are present on our campus, the Sponsor shall be responsible for the supervision and control of its participants, employees, and their activities on all University premises. The University or its employees or agents are not liable for any use by Sponsor, or by Sponsor’s participants or employees or for any loss, claim, damage or liability that may arise in connection with the event.


The Sponsor, in accordance with the University rules, rates and regulations shall accept responsibility for repairs or replacement of damaged, defaced or stolen University property and equipment, extraordinary cleaning or logistics services, or the need for extraordinary intervention of University personnel (police, security, residence hall administrators), any of which are necessitated by inadequate supervision or improper conduct of Sponsor and/or its program participants. For a full fee list and additional information please contact the Office of Conference Services. 


Sponsor agrees to all fees and charges identified in the contract and any subsequent charges which may be incurred as a result of damage. A deposit schedule will be established for all events, camps, and conferences to be outlined in the contract. Deposits are non-refundable.  Billing will generally occur post-event. Sponsor shall pay the invoice within not later than thirty (30) days of receipt of a bill from the University.  One- and one-half percent (1.5%) interest will be charged monthly on outstanding balances.


In all buildings, we ask that guests do not move any furniture from the lounge areas or any room without permission. If your event requires a specific set-up, layout, or diagram, please supply a drawing or rendering of the requested configuration. The room shall be returned to the condition it was found.   


All guests attending the event must be registered with the University for any or all services requested prior to arrival on campus. Any adult guest who has direct supervision of a minor or who is directly responsible for the care and well-being of the minor must supply copies of background clearances for all impacted individuals to the Office of Conference Services prior to arrival on campus.  


Organizations requesting an event through the Office of Conference Services will supply their conference coordinator with guaranteed numbers for lodging and food services no later than date identified in the contract. The charges will be based on said guaranteed number or actual bed and guests counts, whichever is higher. The University does not guarantee availability of facilities, food or lodging in excess of the guaranteed number of guests, beds, or meals. Late fees may be applied if guaranteed counts are exceeded. 


At least sixty (60) days prior to the event, Sponsor shall provide the University a cSponsor's opy of Certificate of Insurance evidencing Sponsor's commercial general liability insurance coverage for property damage liability and bodily injury. The University must be named as the Certificate Holder on any such certificate. The certificate shall provide that the insurance carrier will provide advance notice to the University of termination, cancellation, discontinuance, or modification in coverage of the insurance. The Certificate of Insurance and such policies of insurance must be acceptable to the University. If the Sponsor fails to provide such proof, the Agreement shall be terminated, and the University shall retain all deposits.


The name and/or logo of the University or any State System University may not be used in any advertising or public relations material without prior written consent.


The Office of Conference Services will work to return any left behind items to the event organizer.  Ultimately 


The Sponsor shall establish a medication policy for the distribution of any medication to minor participants. The University shall not have any responsibility for the development or implementation of such policies, the provision of medical care, or handling or distribution of medication to any guests.


Millersville University does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity; gender; sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression; campus status; marital status; pregnancy; age; religion or belief system; disability; national background or origin; or veteran status in admission or access to, or treatment of employment in, its programs and activities.  


At no time can the number of individuals occupying the facilities exceed the established maximum occupancy. In addition, ticket sales for any event may not exceed the approved University occupancy for the facility. 

The Sponsor agrees to maintain an adequate minimum ratio of adults to minors, if applicable.  

Overnight Camp Ratios:

  • One staff member for every twelve campers ages 10 to 17.
  • No minor under the age of 10 is allowed to participate.

Day Camp Ratios:

  • One staff member for every twelve participants ages 6 to 17
  • No minor under the age of 6 is allowed to participate.

The University, along with the Sponsor, shall carefully survey the facilities for any dangerous conditions or hazards at all times while present and take immediate and necessary action if occupancy becomes a danger to the event or those in attendance. 


Parking permits are required for all vehicles Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in order to park on the grounds of Millersville University. Parking Regulations are in effect at Millersville University year-round. 

Please visit the Parking Division office located in the Boyer Building. 


All of Sponsor's employees, volunteers, contractors and other participating adults should be positive role models for minors and act in a responsible manner consistent with the mission of the University. Staff are required to comply with all applicable laws and PASSHE Board of Governors and University Policies.  For more information, please visit