West Village

Welcome to West Village


  • Coed

  • Handicap Accessible

  • Elevator in each wing (West A and B)

  • Common areas/game rooms on each floor

  • Study rooms on each floor

  • Laundry room in each wing for your convenience
  • Capacity 599 students

Suite Options and Pricing per Semester

Single Suite         
(2 occupants / 2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom)


Double Suite
(4 occupants / 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms)


Marauder Suite (Pods)

(10 occupants / 10 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / communal area)


Single Suite

Take a look at these photos of student's bedrooms, plus an empty one for you to visualize how you would decorate!

Double Suite

Check out these photos of real student's bedrooms, plus an empty one for you and your roommate to decorate!

Marauder Suites

Take a look at the Marauder Suites! You and 9 other people can share a kitchen and living area.

  • Room Amenities

    Each room in West Village has:

    • beds
    • closets
    • dressers
    • desks
    • desk chairs
    • window shade or blind
    • curtain rod
    • cable TV jack

    Suite Style rooms also include:

    • sinks
    • showers
    • toilets
    • couch (Marauder Suite)
    • common room (Marauder Suite)
    • end tables (Marauder Suite)
  • Room, Window, and Bed Dimensions
    Room Types Window WxL Opening Direction Closet Size Bed Room Size
    Single Suite 36-1/3"x58" Up 4" 4'x2' 111 sqft

    Double Suite

    36-1/3"x58" Up 4" 4'x2' 203 sqft
    Pod Single 36-1/3"x58" Out 4'x2' 111 sqft

    All rooms come with blinds.  If you would like to hang curtains, you can only do so using a tension rod.  Sizes of the bedrooms may vary throughout the residence hall.  Standard bed frame size is 36"x80" (referred to as college length, long or sometimes extra-long).  Beds can be raised up to 32".