How to Submit a Work Order

The Villages Work Orders

*Work Order requests are for the Villages ONLY.  If you live in Shenks, please see your front desk staff to submit a work order*

Emergency Work Orders

If the following is occurring, please seek out Housing staff members in your building ASAP:

  1. Lost Key
  2. AC/Heat not working (Suite/room too hot/cold)
  3. No hot water
  4. Door will not lock or cannot be secured
  5. Overflowing toilet
  6. Water leak
  7. Toilet is not working and it is the only one in the suite or if both toilets aren't working

Each room is equipped with a circuit breaker.  If electricity has gone off in your room, check the breaker first and make sure all the switches are "On".  If there is still not electricity in your room, contact Housing staff.

creating A WORK ORDER 

  1. Log into your MyHousing portal by logging into your MAX account
  2. Click "RCR/DAMAGES" on the top navigation menu, then click "WORK ORDERS" and "ADD WORK ORDER"
  3. Type in a brief, clear TITLE and DESCRIPTION.  Be sure to explain exactly what is happening and where in the Problem Description.  The more details you can give, the easier it will be for our Facilities staff to find and correct the issue.  When done, click "SAVE"
  4. Under Category heading, click the drop down box to select the type of category for the problem you are reporting
    1. Plumbing: Any sink, toilet, shower, water issue within your room
    2. Heating/Cooling: Any heating or cooling issues with your room
    3. Electrical: Outlets, lights, switches that are broken in your room
    4. Structural: Broken shower racks, toilet paper holders or broken furniture in your room
    5. Pest Control: If you notice a significant amount of bugs in your room
  5. Your work order has been submitted. You will notice that the work order you just opened will be at the top of the screen under the heading “Maintenance Requests”
  6. Anytime you submit a work order, you are granting permission for facilities staff to enter your room anytime after 9AM to fix these repairs.  You do not need to be present in your room when they arrive.  Maintenance usually makes repairs within 48 - 72 hours of your request.