Summer Camps & Conferences Housing Options

Thank you for choosing Millersville University as a destination for your camp, conference, or event! Our lodging accommodations allow you to bring balance to your event. All lodging locations are a quick walk away from dining halls, meeting spaces, and recreational activities on campus. At the end of a long day, our rooms provide a restful and relaxing place to recharge and take on the next day Let the conversation continue in the common areas of your building to expand on thoughts shared or things learned earlier in the day. 

All lodging opportunities are unique, but most important, COMFORTABLE!

All groups staying with Millersville University are required to submit a housing list fifteen (15) days prior to your arrival on campus. Staff in the Department of University Housing & Conference Services (c) will assign building(s) and rooms based on the size of your group. All consideration will be given to roommate requests, family accommodations, ADA accommodations, and other special requests.

Check out each of our halls below. Click on a hall to get more information, see photos, and go on a virtual tour.

  • General Information

    Millersville University features a unique lodging experience for you and your guests. Our on-campus accommodations are opened to the public during off-peak semester months. They offer a unique opportunity for your group to benefit from our living-learning layouts. Fostering connection among those that attend, our accommodations allow you to maximize your time together. Make Millersville your home away from home this summer!


    The University provides lodging accommodations up to the maximum number of beds in residence hall(s) that is identified by organization for the necessary occupancy period. UH&CS will provide rooms within 15 days prior to start date.  The Sponsor will complete all room assignments based on the supplied list of available rooms. 

    Check-in and Check-out times will be outlined in the contract. All groups are required to check-out within TWO hours of their scheduled event and time or a late fee may be applied. When checking-in, a conference card and a room key will be distributed by a UH&CS staff member to each guest.

    Conference Cards:

    1. Permit access to the assigned residence hall during your occupancy period.
    2. Programmed with necessary meals for the University Dining Hall during your event.

    A room key will be supplied to each assigned guest of the residence hall for entry into their assigned room.  

    All conference cards and keys must be returned on the day of check-out. If a key or conference card is not returned on day of check-out, it is considered lost. There will be a $100 charge for each lost key and a $10 charge for each lost conference card.  

  • External Groups Summer Housing Rates

    Rates listed below apply to external groups.  These rates are calculated per person, per night in any residence hall assigned. 

    Type Rate
    Age 14+ $51.00
    Age 13 & under $30.00

    Additional housing fees may include:

    Type Rate
    Lost conference card $10.00
    Lost key $100.00

    Other fees may be charged in the event of damage or missing property after check-out. 

  • Linen Services

    Guests have the option to utilize linens provided by the University or to bring your own. 

    If Linen Service option 1 or 2 are requested, bedding & bath linens supplied include:

    • 1 pillow
    • 1 pillowcase
    • 2 sheets
    • 1 spread/blanket  
    • 2 towels
    • 2 washcloths



    $14.00 per person (one time charge for stay). Includes making of the bed, labor, materials, and delivery of items to room. Available in all housing locations. Rooms are not serviced during the stay.


    $7.00 per person (one time charge for stay). Linen to be left in the room or picked up at the registration desk.  Rooms are not serviced during the stay.


    Linen service NOT needed (client will provide their own).  No charge. Linen service will not be provided at check-in or upon request. Guests will be expected to arrive with all necessary items. Rooms are not serviced throughout your stay.

    Note, toiletries are not provided as part of your stay or as part of a linen service package. 

  • Safety & Security
    • All residence halls are equipped with electronic card access devices, which will permit access only to guests and University personnel with valid identification cards. 

    • The halls are also equipped with peripheral door alarms, which will sound after a few seconds if the door is not properly closed. Guests are expected to ensure that peripheral doors are closed properly as they exit, not to prop doors open, and not to allow anyone who is not their guests, to enter the building.

    To learn more about our safety & security policies, please click here