Safety & Security

Your safety & security is our top priority!

Millersville University holds the safety, security, and well-being of its guests, staff, and community as our highest priorities.  The following general policies and event statements are in place to better serve the community as a whole. 

"Sponsor" refers to the organization entering into a contract with the University to rent facilities for their event, camp, or conference. 


A fire alarm system is located throughout  all buildings that work together to detect and alert guests through visual and audio appliances when smoke/fire is present. These alarms may be activated from smoke detectors and heat detectors. 

When a fire alarm in a building is sounded (by smoke, another person, fire drill or otherwise), always take the fire alarm seriously and assume there is a fire. All persons are required to vacate the building or area. Proceed to nearest exit (quickly and orderly). Please be sure to move away from the building and out of the path of the emergency vehicles and personnel.

If a guest has information regarding a fire or threat to the community, they are encouraged to call University Police at 717-871-4357. In the event of any emergency, please call 9-1-1.



For security and safety reasons, all residence halls are locked at all times. All residential facilities require card access to enter the building and remain locked/secured at all times. We ask guests to refrain from propping open exterior residence hall doors. All secondary doors and parking lot doors are set with alarms that will sound if doors are propped open. Cameras have been installed in the entryways, hallways and common areas of all residence halls. The cameras will be used to deter and record activity that violates state or federal law and university policy. Retrieval of information for safety and investigative purposes shall be the primary goal of the digital recording systems.


Cameras are installed throughout all campus buildings in the interior and exterior of our facilities and parking lots. In addition, any rented facility or room is able to be secured during the event for safe storage of event supplies and materials.  While the University is not responsible for lost or damaged items, we will work to ensure all items and guests are safe while present on our campus.  



It is the policy of Millersville University to comply fully with the Pennsylvania Clean Indoor Air Act which prohibits smoking in all buildings, indoor areas, and in open or partially open space such as sports or recreational facilities, theaters or performance venues.


Use of alcohol is not permitted on University premises. Inappropriate use of alcohol or other controlled substances by any employee while on University grounds is prohibited.  


Acts involving the manufacture, distribution, sale, exchange, use, offer to sale, or possession of illegal drugs, narcotics, or drug paraphernalia is not permitted on University premises.