East Village

Welcome to East Village


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  • Style: 2-Bedroom Single Suites, 2-Bedroom Double Suites, 10-Bedroom Marauder Suites (Reserved for Living-Learning Community), and 1-Bedroom Private Suite
  • Gender: Coed by Suite (Gender-Inclusive by Request)
  • Capacity: 601 Residents
  • Amenities: Air-Conditioned, Smoke-Free, Study Lounge, Common Areas, Kitchen, and Laundry
  • Staff: 14 Resident Assistants (RAs), 1 Graduate Assistant (GA), 1 Residential Area Director (RAD)
  • Safety/Accessibility: University Student ID Required for Building Card-Swipe Access, ADA Accessibility, Elevators, and Fire Suppression System
  • Building Names: East Village A, East Village B, and East Village C
  • Year Constructed: 2015

Suite Options and Pricing per Semester

Single Suite         
(2 occupants / 2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom)


Double Suite
(4 occupants / 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms)


Marauder Suite (Pods)

(10 occupants / 10 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / communal area)


Single Suite

Take a look at these photos of student's bedrooms, plus an empty one for you to visualize how you would decorate!

Double Suite

Check out these photos of real student's bedrooms, plus an empty one for you and your roommate to decorate!

Marauder Suites

Take a look at the Marauder Suites! You and 9 other people can share a kitchen and living area.


Tour East Village and visit Gabrielle in her single suite.